A Big Thanks To the Software Refinery for
making this great game
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Software Refinery
And thank you Ian Martin
for all his work on the UIM patches
(UIM = Update Ian Martin)
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Zedos new Main Board
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This is new main forum.
where most of the Hardwar community is located.

Zedo's Old board.
Zedo's Board
the old forum had some problems so moved over to the new one see above.
but if you where a member you can still sign in and see the old forum.
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Welcome to KingTiger's Hangar

Welcome this website is dedicated to the space combat game Hardwar (also styled Hardw[a]r).
the game takes place on Titen one of the moons of saturn, in the city of misop (Misplaced Optimism)
Here you can download the Demo, get some great Fan fiction , Hardwar utility's and more
I hope you like it and find every thing you need if not try one of the website's on the links page


Favorite Links


new to my website click here
I work on making my website better all the time but i need your help
if you have any moth skin's, Screenshots, Fan Fiction or Hardwar utility's
E-mail them to me and i will put them up
(please note i will give you full credit)

The Login info for the uploads page is Hardwar password is the same.
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01-03-11 wow has been some time sense i have been on here. found the new forum and i see zedo has been busy updating his site so i tought i should take some time to update things here. got the link for the new forum put up top good job Zedo. I got the forum on here cleened up a bit will have to go though that, and fixe it up the thing look like crap. not that there is really a need for it. but if there ever is i would like to have it as a backup just in case. if anyone is interested in admine or mod rights on it shoot me an e-mail. also i will check on the uploads util. it has been some time and i would like to keep that going can be vary usefull. so keep flying, this is kingtiger signing out.
05-23-08 First update in some time have been busy with school. but i fix some errors that where happening, and added an uploads account Hardwar pass is the same lower case. we will see how it works out. remember it's for hardwar files ONLY! Updated forum to PHPbb 3.0. added footer to all pages. fixed the background on the patches readme's.

Ok all new update now using php. and it should be all up and runing today. let me know if there are any problems. also may get new util that ppl can register at with out my help.

wow it has been some time sense I updated, Iv been busy working on other website's, but I'm here now change over to using some php and more css (class's ect.)

finishing big update and uploading

stared with Big Update Started using stylesheets
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Favorite Links

Captain Zedo's
Wez's Hardwar space combat, trading & multiplayer game site

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