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Welcome to the factions home page

Player Faction's
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But if you have one let me know

Other Faction's (laz klamp ect.)


Descendants of the Haulage company that brought most of the equipment to Titan many centuries ago, they are eager to let no one forget this achievement on their part, and continue to believe that they are some form of living gods. Each member of the family has a clone created every couple of years or so that if anything untoward should happen to their present body there will always be a fresh replacement full of Lazarus blood ready to step into the breach.

In the past this has led to some dreadful decisions; a clone often has no knowledge of his previous incarnations, strategies or deeds, so consistency is often as rare as fresh water. This alone might have earned them a reputation for being mentally unstable, had lots of other factors not also contributed to the madness.

The Lazarus family has their own ore production facilities hidden away in the Mining crater. Almost all the raw materials excavated here are used to fortify the Lazarus fleet of ships; from traders to gunmoths.   

They wield these against the growing forces belonging to KLAMP G in an attempt to prolong their spiteful hold on the scarce commodities in misplaced Optimism.

The Lazarus family holds youth and beauty above all other things, possibly because they are the rarest commodity of all within the city. For this reason Jason Lazarus III tends to be their charismatic spokesman.

Some say that old family members who fall from favour are sent to the Lazarus high tower to live out their last cloning. This could prove untrue.


This organization has begun to show its true colors in recent decades. Previously a rag tag bunch of degenerates, fighting one another as much as Lazarus, they have now consolidated under the call-sign of KLAMP-G; an acronym of their previous (and long forgotten) names. The name may well have been longer, but many sub-gangs were wiped out completely as their viewpoints didn’t coincide with the ideas of the more powerful factions.

By uniting as a larger force they were able to share their scarce commodities more judiciously (after a few years of fighting) and orchestrate larger campaigns upon Lazarus operations.

Decisions in the KLAMP-G organisation tend to be made in a number of diverse and interesting ways. Most of which involve poisoning, incest, bribery and death on a daily basis. The old addage of "do unto others as you would have done to yourself" is taken to a frighteningly real conclusion within their ranks.

Maria Achay is their present leader, she has managed to avoid death so many times that many believe her to be immortal. Few know that she has cloned other selves hidden away - fewer still will live to tell.


The POLICE: The most corrupt police force you will never meet.

Every faction in the city believes that another faction has them on the payroll. The Police use this to their advantage by pretending to auction their 'protection' to the highest bidder, when in reality they live by their own motto ' YOU serve, and we’ll protect'.

They have an installation in every crater, though only two of their number will ever show their face; Admiral Saffle is a mad old man but too powerful to be removed from the top. This is just as well because the next candidate to take over the running of Police operations within the city is Uber-Clerk 2782- a man driven with ambition and a blantant disregard for human life.


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