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And thank you Ian Martin
for all his work on the UIM patches
(UIM = Update Ian Martin)
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Zedos new Main Board
Zedo's New Forum
This is new main forum.
where most of the Hardwar community is located.

Zedo's Old board.
Zedo's Board
the old forum had some problems so moved over to the new one see above.
but if you where a member you can still sign in and see the old forum.
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Wez's Hardwar space combat, trading & multiplayer game site

Hardwar Info

A growing and informative site by Wez. He's got some really good offline and online challenges. I like the building a Moth pirate style challenge. This site is the premier site for getting working player-made patches for the game. And the demo.

If you've never been to Zedo's you're lost !!
Captain Zedo's

Excellent walkthrough, moth building guide, hardwar discoveries, patch news & more
Zedo was the first to release the beta 3 patches..
Congratulations on your site making it to 7 Years old on 30th June 2006..
Not only did he release them he put a hugh effort into documenting all the new features.
Together with timski's faq you'll know everything that there is to know about hardwar beta3.

HARDW[A]R ENHANCED @ smurphsworld
Here you can get Hardw[a]r Enhanced
it is a new website built be Smurph
one of the moders that makes Hardw[a]r Enhanced
(Max is the other one)



Don't get lost. get The BEST hardwar downloadable maps
Timski's Faq compilation
3 years facts, setup info, problem solving & links
plus the Interactive Hardwar Navigation Terminal

Captain Kronos Paintshop

However you choose to live & die in the Titan sky.. do it in style with Captain Kronos.

The Hardw[a]r Hacking Society
Because greed has no limits.
Flap's hardwar programming site. Get Mis[opian]s here.

So mis[opian]s. What is it ?
It is a tool I wrote, which enables you to use and write scripts for the most versions of hardw[a]r. For example, with the version I have released, I have created around 40 new characters, some are going around in buildings, and you can chat with them, some are connected to pilots and monitor what they are doing, or even control them. Some also monitor some of your moth system and change a bit they way they are behaving... This tool is really powerfull and enables you to do really a lot.

Whats My IP
tells you your ip address for setting up online hardwar games
tell your friends that number when you host a hardwar game and they should be able to join your game


Home of the die hard games.. that just wont die if we don't let them..
(great review here of hardwar with a patch/demo solution download,
including the missingres.exe)

Here are some sites that have gone the way of the dodo bird. they may be no longer with us but i will keep the links up here as a tribute to those that have come before.

David hedbors

Welcome to Misplaced Optimism
your best bet for Hardwar information on the Internet.
Here I collect Hardwar information, tips and tricks,
as well as downloads and links to other sites
Includes a download page for hardwar programs & the demo
plus the hardwar walkthrough

Xaffax's Pirates Nest

Hardwar, Elite & Crimson skies.. something for everyone.


check out the flash intro, files, skins & more
This site has recently moved to it's current location & been given a big update
including the testing your patience excellent hardwar flash intro.
I thought the testing your patience was a little joke..but it ain't so wait....

Arag fett's


A hardw[a]r fan fiction site, i.e. spin off stories inspired by Hardwar..
!!!! Also.. Newly added transcriptions & still images of the hardwar ingame video's
If your playing the patched demo version this will be essential reading
along with the walkthrough here to explain the plot.

this web site on which anyone can write things down, and soon upload files, pictures, create page that he owns and only he can change (for exemple to show source code and fiction and being sure that no one will alter it).
Coming soon :
list of the mods created by the fan
fan fiction
how to hack hardwar

A Hardwar Clan site

Andrew D.
a great place to get some HardW[a]r avatar's (is nolonger a Hardwar website)

i website that has moth and some weapon stats
plus some other hardwar stuff

it's back that's right the alpha crater is back
some of you may remember it (i don't it was before my time)
not much there but he is building


go here to get Hardnet an online game finding and
chat program (i suggest you get this if your going to play online)


Huz's hardwar site,
not updated in an age but don't let that fool you
Check out the high fly cheat & details of
yes the pic above is huz flying over laz high tower
he's also able to fly over the crater walls
and what about the 2nd alien crash in port !!!

Crudesoftware.com ~ Hardwar 2Project

HpGalacticus and the team working on an unnofficial hardwar sequal.
Give port crater a visit and give them all a cheer... And more if you can hack it.
They are looking for additional programmers/artists/musicians etc etc etc...

Happy first Birthday.. Go see the teaser shots they have released to keep us begging for more.

If you have a Hardwar website let me know so i can add a link
Contact me

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