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Welcome to the main FAQ page

How do you chat in a multiplayer game?
What is the manufacturing machinery and what does it do?
What are the Debug keys and what do thay do?
What are the AI plans and what do thay mean?
What are the deferrant Cell and there info?
What terminal commands are there(in UIM06)?

How do you Chat in a multiplayer Game

Press c
a window will open at the top it will say TO
either type pilots name or leave blank to broadcast
then type message
then return/enter to send

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What is the manufacturing machinery and what does it make?

Well in beta U3.04b you cant make the lasers
But in HardwarE you can so here is a list for each
For U3.04 go Here
For HardwarE go here

Beta U3.04b

Maintain machinery

Sprat X10
Swarm X10
Leach X10
Fireburst X10
Underkill X5
Groundbase X
Groundbase X5
Hologram X5



Ore Processor

Components machinery

Cell #1
Cell #2
Cell #3
Fusion Cell
Salvage Drone
Chaff X10

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HardwarE (U3.05b with E0.92.1.E)

Note you can manufacture everything but the
Super Drone In HardwarE

Materials processor


Component machinery

Standard cell
Extra Capacity cell
Fast cell
Fusion cell
Smallest pod
Small pod
Medium pod
Large pod
Largest pod
Salvage drone
Flares X10
Chaff X10

Advanced manufacturing

Engine #1
Engine #2
Engine #3
Fusion cell mark 2
Plasma Kannon
Laser Turret
Pulse Laser
Components machinery
Materials processor

This will be updated soon to add the other manufacturing machinery
To the HardwarE area
King Tiger

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What are the Debug keys and what do thay do?

F7 Pause/Unpause in debugging mode
F8 Go to prev pilot in who is out in HW world
F9 Go to next pilot in who is out in HW world
F10 Go to prev pilot
F11 Go to next pilot
F12 Toggle Watch Pilot

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What are the AI plans and what do thay Mean?

Kill VH (pilot name) = kill Vehicle (pilot name)
KillPil (pilot name) = kill the pilot whatever vehicle he is in (including Taxis).
Rob ve (pilot name) = bob pilot in other word will attack pilot until he drops cargo
Fly nodes = not known
Fly cells = not known
Gobg (building name)= go to building name
Hunt (building name)= buzz building fly bye
Flypass = fly passed building or other obstacle
s = sell
B = buy
Sell all : notbg = not known
Scavenge (building name) = scavenge near building
Get cargo pass = get cargo passed obstacle
Recharge = recharge cell
Q at building name = in Q at building name

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What are the deferrant Cell and there info?

Cell Number
Max Power
Recharge rate per second at max light
Always Full
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What terminal commands are there(in UIM06)?

Terminal commands in UIM06 with Enhanced2 (16/03/05)

hangar name,(new name)

New names chosen will be displayed in game. AI owned
hangars still show default xyz's hangar.

ORDER oldname,NAME,newname

renames Thugs

PROPERTY pilot_name

Gives a simple list of the hangars a particular
pilot owns

OWNER hangar_name

Returns the name of the pilot that owns the named


Aimed at Admins in order to produce rankings or
monitor cheating, but in current release is
available to all players. Produces a rankings/stats
report of all players in an off or on-line game
(including players not currently logged in). In
online games should be used via the terminal server
Format: Player name, player cash, player kills,
names of hangars owned (+ cash held, and clones held
in each hangar), number of each moth type owned by
the player, and the hardwar day the pilot was last
logged in.

REPOSSESS hangar_name

Restricted to ADMINS. Resets a player owned hangar
and make it available for sale. Cash and stock in
the hangar is lost. Moths parked in the hangar
remain parked there. Allows ADMINS to free up
hangars in online games if a) a player has not
logged in for a long time or b) a player is breaking
game rules and buying excessive numbers of hangars.
Not intended for casual use

ORDER thug_name,PROTECT,pilot_name

the thug will track the named pilot around titan
indefinately, and will attack any other pilot who
attacks/is attacked by the named pilot. To cancel
this order use 'ORDER thug_name,PROTECT'

ORDER thug_name,SUPPLY,hangar_name

for use in setting up regular supply to a player
owned hangar. The thug will scan the hangars max-buy
settings and current stock, and trade to the hangar
as appropriate indefinately
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-----Terminal commands in UIM06-----


Engages autopilot to fly towards a
targeted item. Target must be set before engaging
autopilot. Off disengages the autopilot. Usage:
option isn't implemented, and may crash the game.


Reports the moths parked in the current
hangar, with pilots.


Allows you to get free cash or moths
(restricted by PERMISSIONS). Usage: BLAG [CASH or
MOTH],[value] where value is the amount of cash, or
the moth type: 1 = Moon Moth, 2 = Silver Y, 3 = Neo
Tiger, 4 = Hawk, 5 = Deaths Head, 6 = Police, 7 =
Alien, 8 = Swallow.


Board a moth parked in a specific bay in
the current hangar as the pilot. Usage: BOARD [Bay


As BOARD, but to board as a passenger
(requires Moon Moth). Usage: BOARDPASS [Bay number].


Allows rooms to be constructed (restricted
by PERMISSIONS, beta 3+, may have other unknown
uses). Usage: BUILD [movement direction (see bottom
of this list)],[short name]. When interfacing with
an existing hangar, OUT is used to leave, and HLINK
to enter. Also see How do I build rooms?.


Reports current cash total. From beta 2,
this includes cash in your hangar if you are in your


Related to building construction - not
fully implemented (restricted by PERMISSIONS, beta
4). Known functionality: CREATE 0,n,[name] creates a
god hangar style building called [name], which you
can TELEPORT into, but which doesn't physically
exist on the map (also note that you can BUILD out
of it, so, for example, you can create two god
hangars with a godly walk link between them). . CREATE AAGB,P,[name]
makes the same hangar a private hangar (like Colony
HQ). It seems that CREATE can only be used with
hangar shapes that exist in the game by default, but
are not assigned as hangars to start with - there
are very few of these - the others are mostly buried
half underground. In case you are wondering, the
four character codes that make up the first argument
can be worked out by logging the start of the game,
and reading through the world creation part of
startup (thanks to Wez for completing the puzzle).


Change the description of the current
location (restricted by PERMISSIONS, beta 4+).
Usage: DESCRIBE [description].


Transfers cash to the current hangar
(beta 2+). You do not need to own the hangar. Usage:
DEPOSIT [amount]. A bug allows depositing negative
values, which results in withdrawal of cash. This
works at any hangar with cash. It will deprive the
hangar of cash, and so will tend to lead the economy
to slowdown or stall because the hangar can no
longer buy anything it needs. (note this was fixed in UIM)


Executes a command as another pilot
(restricted by PERMISSIONS unless a staff member).
Usage: EXEC [Pilot
name],[Command,subcommand,value,etc]. For example,
"EXEC Fred,BAYS" will get Fred to report the moths
parked in the hangar he is in.

- EXITS or X: List available walk routes - if you
are in a moth, the only option will be "out", as in
get out of moth.


Reports current hangar inventory.


Sends a greeting :-) (beta 3+).


Grins ;-) (beta 3+).


Sets custom hangar information. Relates to
the hangar you are in at the moment. Usage: HANGAR
[setting,value]. Basic settings are:
* ACCESS - Sets access to PUBLIC or PRIVATE.
Possibly bugged.
* NAME - Renames hangar.
* STATUS - With no settings, reports building
* STOCK - Beta 4+: STOCK,ALL to list. STOCK,[Item
name] to list stock for specific item. STOCK,[Item
name],[BUY or SELL or MAXBUY],[Amount] to set the
pricing for a specific item - for example "HANGAR
STOCK,Swarm,SELL,100" to set the sale price of Swarm
to 100.
Admin settings (beta 4+, restricted by PERMISSIONS)
* DAMAGE - With no value reports current damage.
With value sets hangar damage to an amount between 0
and 16384.
* LOGO - With no value report current logo. With
value 0 to 16 sets logo icon. Values are: 1 = Warp,
2 = MonoRail, 3 = Lazarus, 4 = Klamp-G, 5 = Toxic, 6
= Skinners, 7 = Hardwar, 8 = Alpha, 9 = Mines, 10 =
Port, 11 = Riverside, 12 = Highrise, 13 = Gamma, 14
= Downtown, 15 = Reservoir, 16 = Scrubbers.
* SOFTWARE - With no value, lists software
installed. With values, adds one or more options,
for example "hangar software,cdfr". Prefixing the
options with '-' deinstalls them, for example
"hangar software,-ps" removes sales and purchasing.
Known options are: c = collect (player hangar or
allow cabs), d = deliver (player hangar or allow
cabs), f = fit, g = god menu, n = no player trade, m
= moth sales, o = moth software changes, p =
business will purchase, u = repair, r = remove, s =
business will sell, t = trade list, x = no monorail
(non-functional?), y = sell buildings (like an
estate agent), z = buy buildings. Note that there is
a limit on software options of about 7 and
installing more will lead to the game crashing when
you access the hangar menu - take care.
* TYPE - Changes the internal design of the hangar.
Values 0 to 5.


List commands.


Hides terminal. On later betas Esc does this


Like "SAY lol"... (beta 3+).


Launches moth from hangar. Note that
launch doesn't propel you out of the airlock, so if
you launch and do nothing else, eventually your ship
will be destroyed in the airlock.


Reports what you can see, MUD style.


Sends commands to your staff. Usage: ORDER
[Staff name],[Subcommand],[Value]. For example,
"ORDER Hitson,GO,Freds Builders". Subcommands are:
* BOARD,[Bay number] - Board moth at bay specified.
* BUZZ,[building] - Fly around, but not dock at, the
building specified in the value.
* CLEAR - Cancel last order.
* DISEMBARK - Get out of moth.
* GO,[Building] - Fly to building specified in the
* KILL,[pilot name] - Attack another pilot.
* REPORT - Reports current plan (unlikely to be much
use at the moment).
* SELLALL,[Building] - Sell all cargo at the
building specified.
* STATUS - Report where they are.

- OUT: Get out of moth or leave hangar.


Transfers permissions between pilots.
Permissions transfer from the Admin pilot. Usage:
PERMISSIONS [Pilot name],[options]. Multiple options
may be set at once, but are not comma separated, for
example "PERMISSIONS Fred,bot". Options are: s = set
permissions, o = ORDER and EXEC any pilot, b = use
BLAG, p = interact with plans, h = hijack moths and
hangars, c = build, t = teleport, e = economy
commands. Full list: "sobphcte".


Lists pilot plans, the instructions to
pilots. Primarily useful in conjunction with EXEC,
to see what other pilots are planning.


Hires a member of staff. You must be at
the same location as the staff member to hire them.
Usage: RECRUIT [Staff name].


Talks to everyone in your current location
(beta 3+). Usage: SAY [message].


Lists current your staff by name.


Sets target to the building or ship named.
Usage: TARGET [Name of pilot or building].


Jumps to a new location (restricted by
PERMISSIONS, beta 4). Must be on foot. Usage:
TELEPORT [hangar name].


Whisper to a specific player in a different
location (beta 3+). Usage: TELL [pilot


Sets the thrust of your moth, by a
specific value, full speed ahead, or no thrust (beta
3+). Usage: THRUST [value (-16384 to 16384) or MAX
or STOP].


Waves at pilots at your location (beta 3+).


Transfers cash from a hangar you own to
your personal cash (beta 2+). Usage: WITHDRAW


Lists players (beta 3+). The letter after the
name indicates the type of connection - "H" for
Hardwar client, "T" for terminal.

- Movement commands are mostly compass based,
restricted by tunnels and rooms available:
N/NE/E/SE/S/SW/W/NW, IN (enter a hangar), OUT (leave
a hangar or moth), U (up a level), D (down a level)
(beta 3+).
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