Welcome i hope you like the new layout

the following pages/things have moved.
the patches readme's (that you can view online)
have moved to the 'Downloads' page.

all of the faction pages have moved to the 'Faction's home' page.
Here is a list of the rest of the pages


Hardwar Info

Info about Hardwar

Fan fiction>

Get some geart Fan Fiction here

Faction's home

now has all the faction stuff
and will soon have info on (klamp, laz ect.)


if your looking for the latest UIM patch or want to read the readme file go here


a handy upload page for Hardwar files


some moth skin's


Mics in game screen shots

Main FAQ page

A page of FAQ if you don't find what your looking for see Timski's FAQ

The Patches FAQ

FAQ about the patches

Online games

A list of longterm games and soom tip's for playing online