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Current online games

I sugest that if this is you first time playing Hardwar Online you read all of the stuff on this page

Please note that Hardnet is down
This page has a list of Longterm Games that are online as of the date at the bottom of this area

Hammer's longterm is up

Version: UIM06


Version: UIM06


This page was last updated on 5/25/08 at 19:43 GMT

Please be aware that some of the above servers will be trying out
different patch versions so check the Hardwar forum or on Hardnet
before joining, and patch your game to the needed version

-- Note recent experiments have shown that you can connect to a 3.04 game if your running 3.05.. And Max's E091 (enhanced 3.05) patch.. You still play under 3.04 conditions online..

-- Currently UIM06 is the most stable/predictable patch for hosting a server... But I expect the upcoming releases of Ian Martin’s UIM07 will make UIM06 U3.05b and hardwarE redundant see Zedo’s board for all the latest info on UIM07.--
You can switch between the U3 beta's, 2.04 & UIM06 pretty quickly,
just remember to check your graphics & controller options before you play.
The way I do it is to have a shortcut to each of the patches on my desktop
close hardwar
run the patch (password for all 5 of the beta3's is psychobobs2)
start Hardwar check graphics & control options
then launch the game to join the appropriate server.
--UIM06 is available from my downloads page --
-- originals copied from downloads made available by wez (thanks) --

Also try Muns new version switcher util.. Available from the downloads page at hardwar.info.(note this will only work for U3 betas & U2.04)

Notes when playing online

The game will play with some degree of lag, i.e. even flight will not be as responsive, at times it will feel like you have a co-pilot sitting beside you trying to fly the moth in the opposite direction to what you want, feel your way into the game slowly or you will pay the price of a quick death.

King Tiger:
I have a 28k iconnection and have almost no lag on hammers game by setting fog to the middle setting and uncheck all the other setting (like building smoke)

When using the in game menu's e.g. to buy or sell items
click all menu buttons slowly or you WILL WILL WILL !!!! Crash the game
(This was fixed in the UIM patches)

1. "List of actions proven to bork up a 3.00 beta 4 server, V2"
Thought I'd start this as a new topic as the old one is now over 10 pages so people probably don't read the important bit at the start...

1 ---> The #1 Cause of Server Screwups Award goes to...
CLICKING RAPIDLY on ANY onscreen buttons, when using ingame menu screens such as Navigation screen scroll buttons, Messages (reading them AND deleting them), Hangar management, Enemies Lists, selling or buying cargo, Trading Posts' Needs and Sales Lists...the list goes on...
(From my experiences the most deadly of these are being impatient when deleting a large number of messages and clicking fast when selling or unloading as it switches from one cargo to the next - Boz)
(note this was fixed in the UIM patches)

2 ---> Cab Pilots: If you even remotely care about the server on which you play, DO NOT KILL THEM. Cab pilots do NOT respawn, and without Cabs...the factions will no longer have any pilots, players will be unable to get anywhere when they have lost their Moth and been cloned, and the overall playability of a game world will get PERMANENTLY SCREWED UP in a way that nobody is going to like.

3 ---> Issuing ORDERs to dead hired thugs

4 ---> Using the EXEC command on your dead hired thugs
(Do you get a message is your thug dies? or should you just keep em in your target pilots list to be safe? -Boz)

5 ---> Targeting someone with the TI Interface while simultaneously viewing your Navigation Screen (happened to me)

6 ---> Setting Sales System ON in your hangar full of booty...but your Hangar Access to Private. If your hangar has stuff AI pilots want, the AI moths start piling up at your doorstep, and they never leave; disrupting the economy of the entire crater your hangar resides in.

7 ---> Setting Sales System ON in your hangar full of booty, then selling your hangar to the nearest Estates Agent. This causes AI pilots to pile up at the doorstep of the sold hangar for booty, but they can't enter the hangar to buy it, because no one owns the hangar anymore. This problem becomes VERY serious when the local estate agents fail to show the sold hangar in their listing. The overall result is the same as above.

Reckons its best to avoid running stuff like MSN & ICQ whilst playing.
(King Tiger: note i have no problam runing Hardnet when playing)
The host quite often goes away and leaves the game running for our benefit, if it crashes that game cannot be played until he/she returns and resets to the last point it was saved and everyone playing will lose whatever they have done that was not saved.(unless thay are runing ASROC than there is a 50/50 chance that it will restart

U Key = Pilot list.

Pressing the U key during the game will bring up a list of all the human players, how many kills they have made, how much cash they have and how many hangers are owned.

C Key = Chat

You can use the C key during play to broadcast messages to the other players, note that your control of the moth is frozen while you type, so if someone is in combat they are unlikely to respond instantly to your message, be patient and try again most people are keen to chat now and then during a game. If you want the message to be private type the other players name in full, otherwise leave name blank to broadcast to all.

1. Most hosts will post a message on zedo's board to say what if any rules they would "like" you to follow, if not use the C key to ask during the game. Some players are online to practice trading skills or initially are trying to earn cash to get a good moth set up before taking part in any combat, it is "polite" to ask if any one wants to fight against you before starting combat.

2. One common rule is to not shoot the taxi moths, as these do not regenerate/re spawn, once all the taxi's are gone you cannot get a taxi & the factions cannot get new pilots to there bases to replace killed attack/patrol ships. DO NOT KILL TAXI'S UNLESS that is a stated purpose of the game. You can give other human players a free lift in your moon moth if you’re feeling co-operative.(note this was fixed in the UIM patches)

3. If you have a fast permanent Internet connection please consider hosting a game. Ask on the board if you want help to get this working, but usually it's just a matter of launching Hardwar as a host & posting your ip address & game rules on zedo's board. I'll add any new long-term stable games to my list here during future updates.
Is a useful web page if you don't know how to discover your ip address.
Note. If you are hosting, the game will play normally for you i.e. like an offline game you won't suffer the lag effect & you'll be at a sometimes unfair advantage against other players in combat, most hosts either sit back and watch the game progress or play in a lower spec moth to make things more equal, but your the host so it's your game to do as you please.

If you have any problems connecting etc please post a message on captain zedo's board

Problems with firewall's, some folks using adsl & cable modems etc have reported problems getting connected to games.. This is normally a firewall issue

2. "Re: Need Help With New server"
In response to message #1

Hardwar uses DirectPlay ports, using the DirectX7 method. That means it needs port 47624 for the initial negotiation, then port 2300(TCP) and port 2350(UDP) for the first connection, port 2301(TCP) and port 2351(UDP) for the 2nd connection, etc.

You'll need to configure your firewall to allow access to the above ports.. Don’t ask me how but someone else on Zedo's board will probably know.. Just ask (above message was posted by kazymyr)

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