Welcome To King Tiger's Hangar Uploads here you can upload Hardwar mods Please use zip or rar format for compression and put a readme in there to plaese (you can upload png jpg ect. files) (to Upload file you most regester on the forums) King Tiger
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[dir] AI [7 Files]  11.4 MB2011-Feb-12
[dir] Duncan [14 Files]  2.6 MB2014-May-05
[dir] HardwarE [4 Files]  557.0 KB2011-Feb-12
[dir] Hardwater [0 Files]  0.0  B2011-Feb-12
[dir] non-Hardwar [1 File]  494.8 KB2011-Feb-12
[dir] Saved_games [0 Files]  0.0  B2011-Feb-12
[exe] HUP v6.0.exe [get md5sum]exe5116.1 MB2007-Nov-06
[zip] hwworld20081010.zip [get md5sum]zip527752.7 KB2008-Oct-10
[zip] hwworld20081011.zip [get md5sum]zip470752.1 KB2008-Oct-11
[htm] index.php.htm [get md5sum]htm476452.0  B2014-May-05
[zip] WLDcreationA.zip [get md5sum]zip540154.7 KB2007-Nov-06
5 Files - 6 Folders Total: 2524Total size: 22.8 MB  
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I reserve the right to delete any files i feel do not belong e.g superceeded versions & anything not hardwar specific (note you can put skins, screenshots and Fanfiction up here but if you send them to me i can put them on the main website) (Magrat Thanks for helping get this page working)